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We get a lot of recurring questions about home inspections, so we put together this list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you out!

1. Do I need a home inspection?

A home inspection is not required, but anyone buying or selling a home should give serious consideration to having a home inspection done. It gives you a complete picture of the true condition of the home which helps avoid expensive surprises.

2. Do I need to be present during the inspection?

It is not required that you be present for the entire inspection. However, I do request that you meet me at the home when I am finished for a walk through to discuss the findings of the home inspection. Walking through together gives you a visual of the items that need attention while providing you with an opportunity to ask questions.

3. How long does the inspection take?

Inspections take approximately 1 ½ - 2 hours followed by a walk through to discuss the findings. The walk through is typically 1 hour long but can be shorter or longer depending on the size of the home and the quantity or severity of the findings and any questions you may have.

4. What does a home inspection cover?

State and National standards for home inspections require all major systems and structural elements of the home to be inspected. This includes the roof and its structure, attic and visible insulation, doors/windows/walls, heating and air conditioning system, plumbing and electrical systems, and the foundation.